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Friends of the Buea School for the Deaf, Inc.(FoBSD) is an organization composed of members from across the United States and internationally. FoBSD’s primary goal is to promote deaf education at the Buea School for the Deaf (BSD) in Cameroon.  Our organization was established after discussions with Aloysius and Margaret Bibum, deaf professionals who founded and direct the school.

FoBSD works with the school’s administration, teachers, board of directors and PTA to identify both needs and resources.  Because most parents cannot afford tuition for their deaf child, FoBSD seeks sponsors for children and carries out other fundraising activities. We provide support as BSD seeks to network with community organizations, approach corporations and foundations, and gain the collaboration of government representatives in the joint goal of educating deaf children. In a further bid to strengthen resources, FoBSD assists in identifying and preparing interns and volunteers to work at BSD.  Early successes continue to inspire the commitment of FoBSD members as deaf children show their delight in a school of their own and a shared community.

Friends of the Buea School for the Deaf
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